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Quiet Gardens & Raging Seas

In August of 2017, my friend Jessie who is a Coach at a local Crossfit gym, invited me and back squat weightsseveral friends to a class she was teaching that was starting in September called Get Fit! I had tried a number of things over the years of young motherhood to manage my diet and fitness, like running and yoga and learning more about how to cook and eat in a balanced manner. I had run a number of 5K and 10K races and I frequently would run my energetic dog for exercise.

I was very intrigued by Crossfit when I started to meet more and more women who were involved in it and who had transformed their physical appearance by working out at Crossfit gyms. I had previously assumed this was a guy thing and that it would be ridiculously hard-too hard for me to ever succeed at as…

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Understanding the Strength vs. Flexibility Conundrum

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I found a common concern that’s raised in martial arts circles regarding strength training and its effects on flexibility on a recent Reddit post.  Let’s read:

I’ve been struggling for years to find a balance between building muscle (especially legs) through weight training and improving flexibility. I feel like I’ve tried everything, or maybe i just wasn’t patient enough. I would train legs through weighted squats, then I’m so sore and tight (especially hamstrings) i cannot stretch probably for most of a week. So i would start to get bigger legs but then my flexibility and kicking would go down hill. Then i would freak out and back off weight training and focus on flexibility again but then my legs never seem to grow. I know it’s possible to do both within reason, are there others who have had similar experiences and if so how did you work around…

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Free Community Workouts in Miami

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I’m huge fan of community workouts, not only because they are free (I’m on a tight budget), but also because they allow me to enjoy the beautiful Miami weather alongside my local community.

I get frustrated consistently looking at different websites for free workouts that are happening, especially since the information is not organized in a clear way. I also realize that many of the websites that do post multiple events are not up to date- sometimes I’ve shown up to different locations only to discover those community workouts are no longer happening. I figure I would post the community workouts that I have been to, or have heard positive things about, in one place here.

You can find some of my favorite free community workouts in Miami (organized by day of the week) below. I will try my best to keep this up to date!


  • 8:00- 9:00 am:

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Self-Conscious to Confident

Hi everybody! My name is Allison and I am a 21-year-old Accounting student that is on a journey from being uncomfortable and self-conscious and insecure in her own skin to a woman who loves herself and her body.

I used to be in VERY good shape. When I was little, I did both dance and soccer and eventually played select soccer on an elite team and was very athletic. I did cross country in middle school, played a little bit of high school soccer and kept dance in my life through show choir from my sixth-grade year to my senior year of high school.

I started to gain weight in my sophomore year of high school and it hasn’t really stopped since. Sophomore year was a bad year for me; I went through 2 breakups, the death of my grandfather, my best friend moving away, and a severe concussion that…

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Eh, back to the “grind” of coping, managing, and “getting by”…

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Fitness Imposter? Nope, not anymore!

If only it could be easier, says….everyone?

I wish so hard that it could be, would be easier….but it isn’t.

I wish so hard that I could fly out of bed feeling energized and motivated every day, but I don’t.

I wish that I only craved healthy food choices and in small amounts, but that ain’t me.

I wish that life was mostly easy, with just enough challenge and adversity to make me feel accomplished…if only it could be so nice.

But it isn’t.  Most of the time on most days my feeling is, “damn this shit is hard!”

But, with the worst of my depression at bay…it IS do-able.  It just isn’t easy.  Damn.

I guess if being fit and healthy was easy, we would all be there.  We would all be living long healthy lives full of energy and pizzazz…and there would be no lines at Cinnabon.


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Suggested Reading- Fitness

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Challenge Yourself, Clarence Bass. Clarence has written many good books on fitness. This is my favorite because he motivates us to set challenges to inspire us to work harder. Clarence also has a lot of inspiration and information on nutrition and fitness on his website.

The One-Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way to Get Fit That’s Smarter, Faster, Dr. Martin Gibala. Based on his pioneering research, Dr. Gibala has come up with a program to achieve fitness benefits with a minimal time investment. The book also has good information on interval training in general.

The Haywire Heart: How Too Much Exercise Can Kill You, And What You Can Do To Protect Your Heart, Christopher Case, Dr. John Mandrola, and Lennard Zinn. An excellent chronicle of how too much aerobic exercise, especially at moderate intensity, can cause heart problems like atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias.

Endure: Mind…

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Indoor Workout with Weights

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Wildflower Collective

By Kari B.

Hello and Happy February! I hope 2019 has been treating you very well, and you’ve been able to make you and your health a priority this year! January’s wicked polar vortex has come and gone…and now onto sweet little February! Yes, it’s the shortest month of the year, but it’s also the month known for focusing on heart health! With cardiovascular issues running deep in my family, I tend to be hypersensitive to this topic. I encourage you to always focus on your heart and keep that muscle strong so it beats for many years to come. Don’t forget, heart disease is the leading killer of American men and women. A few quick tips that I can’t emphasize enough!

  1. Eat lots of fruits, vegetable and heart healthy foods!
  2. Manage that stress, find some happiness and get plenty of rest!
  3. Exercise – cardio and resistance. They are BOTH…

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