My Favorite Way to Exercise Mentally and Physically

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I’ve written about it before, but I can never talk about it enough. What is my favorite type of exercise? Yoga! I find time throughout my week that allows me to go to Fusion Yoga at least once or twice. 

What happens at Yoga?

I only participate in the heated classes, because I feel those give me the best practice. The room can be up to 101 degrees, which is so refreshing. I try to arrive around 15 minutes before my class, and set my matt down with water, a block, and a towel. ALWAYS DRINK WATER BEFORE A HEATED CLASS! (You might regret it). We start the hour class off with finding our breath and beginning our practice. Depending on the instructor, we might do 2-3 different variations of poses, stretches, etc. When the class comes to an end, we come into “Savasana.” This is the final relaxation pose…

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