A good idea: postural stretching



postural stretching

A good idea: postural stretching

Practicing a regular sport activity has always been a source of well-being and comfort. We spend almost half of our energy on different daily activities. This is difficult to recover, not to mention the physical problems that are added such as back pain , muscle contraction, joint pain , etc. With gymnastics, I have always managed to find the right balance between energy expenditure and the quality of relaxation to compensate for that. But today, thanks to postural stretching, I have more than I hoped for, so I decided to share my little experience with you.

Why postural stretching?

You’ve probably heard about classic stretching, which helps to soften the body by stretching . It is true that this practice is beneficial, but it has failings to the extent that the satisfaction it brings to the body is not complete.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of postural stretching…

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