Focus on What Matters

focus, happiness, Lifestyle, mindfulness, nutrition, physical fitness

Vanity metrics. They’re everywhere. Followers, likes, comments, friends, retweets. Those are just the ones on social media. Trust me, there are hundreds more.

How often do you think we find ourselves caring about something that is actually detrimental? Detrimental to our health, self esteem, self worth, self value, happiness, courage, confidence, you name it. I would say that we do this every day.

How often do you find yourself checking your Instagram post to see how many likes you’ve gotten? Did you hit triple digits yet? Did you get more than last time? Did your crush like it? Did anyone make a compliment in the comments section?

How about this… Try asking yourself something productive instead. Try asking yourself “why do I care?” Maybe ask “does it make a difference?” Or perhaps ask “what really matters to me?” I guarantee you’ll get a much different and much more positive outcome.

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