How to Stay the Course…

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There is always a buzz about how to do this or that, but when it comes to the fitness and health industry, it is amplified.  You truly can’t not hear any of the new trends or fads.  They are blasted everywhere constantly.

A perfect example was the other day driving with my daughter.  Now, mind you she picks up on a lot, but we were mid conversation when a commercial came on about loosing weight.  The commercial went on about how this program is the only way to drop the excess pounds, blah blah blah…but then the part that got her attention was when they said “You get to eat real food!”  Her response was absolutely perfect.  She goes, “DUH!  You are suppose to eat real food!”  Yup, exactly.

I bring this perfect end of the year example up, because every single year there are these commercials or programs…

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